Interior decorators Barcelona

Our decoration studio offers the service to all those clients who want to make a restyling of any space (residential or commercial) without the need for distribution changes or any major work. In many cases the decoration service is offered as a continuation of the services of interior design or architecture seen that completes the execution of the work and above all has the possibility of finishing the project respecting the ideas and initial concepts all with the same aesthetic criteria.
However, this is not an essential condition to solve the demands of our customers.

Interior home styling

In Estudio Romanelli we offer an easy service of decoration, fast, adapted to the style of our client, and above all respecting the agreed budget from the initial phases of the decorative process.

We offer the best quality at the best price, choosing the decoration pieces among the best, whether national or international. If you are looking for exclusivity, we take care of custom designs for furniture, lighting, fabrics and decorative objects. We also have professional craftsmen who will be responsible for the realization of any custom piece.

We work with commissions of all dimensions, from a simple living room to the decoration of the whole house, office or commercial premises.

In our study of interior architecture, we consider light as one of the most important elements of decoration, we use it to capture the shape and dimensions of objects by creating sets of lights and shadows that are reflected on surfaces, giving them a three-dimensional appearance.

We work closely with experts in the field of lighting to always get the best use of this element and we also use the best brands, that will help us to create the best lighting as a decorative element.

Likewise, in Estudio Romanelli we also offer a service of relooking, that allows to completely change the environments of a house in case the client seeks to condition his property to facilitate his sale or rent. We also have the home staging service thanks to which we can refurbish all rooms temporarily until the sale is processed.

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