Vintage decoration is very fashionable nowadays, it is about decorating the rooms with references to the 50s and 60s, paying special attention to the living room using armchairs and leather sofas, chandeliers, antique decorative elements such as old suitcases and vases, you can also use as decoration radios and old TVs from the 50s.

All these objects can be found in flea markets, but you have to be really careful and you have to take time in choosing all these items since a single wrong choice could be a disaster on the overall look.

Elements of interior design in vintage style

The wallpapers are basic elements to establish the foundations of a vintage environment. You have to be very clear about what kind of furniture and what accessories we are going to place, you have to be sure of what you have chosen since these elements are old but they are not antiques. For example, a piece of the 50s is vintage and a piece of furniture from the 17th century is an antique.

White colour and pastel tones are typical of this style, the retro paintings with old frames give a special touch to the rooms. It is very important to pay special attention to details, look for accessories and objects with a certain nostalgia for the past. Vintage books with leather covers, copper or gold metallic lamps and black or brown tones can also be added to the vintage decoration. We can also add simple decorative elements such as old photographic cameras, postcards and posters from the 50s. The most important thing, even if we combine elements from different decades, is that the whole must give a feeling of harmony. The geometric and floral designs are optimal for this type of decoration.

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