3D Architecture Project


Architecture does not refer only to the construction of a building, it refers also to the living spaces for people, taking this into account the term gets a new and more important value, a new significance.

Projecting a building means “thinking”, only in this way can the human factor be combined with the place, with the needs of man, in a plausible, consistent and organized way. To do all this we must be aware and have sensitivity when operating in the vast inventory of available possibilities, knowing how to interpret each specific situation and finding the most suitable and beautiful solution.


Dibuixos d'arquitectura alçats

At Estudio Romanelli, from our architecture studio in Barcelona,, we combine the needs, values, and expectations in the achievement of unique, specific and individual architecture projects.

We face each project in a specific way and find the most appropriate solution for each issue in question. We consider customer satisfaction our main goal regardless of the type of project, be it architecture interior design or simply decoration

Once the needs of each case have been analysed, we interpret and develop the project, because in all the projects there are some hidden needs and dreams that every good architect should know how to look for and develop. This research is always the most complicated part, and at the same time what makes us fall in love with our work.
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Architecture plan