Our studio is distinguished by the ability of our architects and interior designers to adapt to the client’s own style. We are not a studio with a unique style in which the client has to adapt to it; we have a very open method and mentality, and we are able to adapt our style to the one our client is looking for.

In the first visit with the client it is important to define the basic style of the project and, in case the client does not have it clear, the professionals of Estudio Romanelli will guide them to choose the style that best suits their personality. We know that style is something very personal, so we need to know the user to propose a style that goes in accordance to their tastes.

We have selected several different styles and examples so that our customers can choose among the decorating ideas  and be able to work and develop the project with the certainty of following the user’s taste. We are also open to any proposal from the client, each new idea is a challenge that we will face with passion and dedication.

The style of each project translates into pieces of furniture and decorative objects based on beauty and functionality.

Each member of our team will show his love for aesthetics. We have a deep knowledge of materials and techniques. In addition, efficiency in project management allows us to control delivery times and budget.

In Estudio Romanelli we are able to find the best solution and to carry out any type of project, whether architecture, interior design or decoration, whatever the personal taste of the client, the style, the way of living or working and regardless of the size of the project.

These are some of the main decoration styles that are usually worked in Estudio Romanelli:

Classic: Antique furniture and antiques, refined, elegant, warm and familiar environments. Sober colours and clear tones.

Modern: Design furniture, synthetic and technological materials, pure, clean and simple lines. Neutral colours. Bright spaces.

Contemporary: Modern furniture, functional elements, simple and versatile. Use of the latest technologies such as home automation. Important use of artificial lighting.

Minimalist: Rigorous and geometric but elegant and functional spaces. Any excess is eliminated. It evokes purity and is essential in colours and shapes.

Rustic: Cosy, romantic and relaxed atmospheres typical of country houses. Important use of wood and natural elements. Decorative crafts elements.

Vintage: Furniture and decorative elements typical of the decade of the 50’s and 60’s. Geometric and floral designs. Use of prints and wallpapers. Pastel or clear colours. Retro objects.

Eclectic: Mixes of different styles, objects of decoration of varied origin and combination of elements from different eras. Very personal style but with very calculated combinations.

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