In Estudio Romanelli we offer interior architecture services of commercial premises completely adapted to your needs. We know the importance of combining the style of a commercial space with the product or service that is sold in it, always keeping in mind the location of the business and its target.

As in all the services offered by our interior design studio we work as contractors and in this way we can control the entire process from the beginning to the delivery of keys, always respecting the agreed deadlines.

We offer services of commercial interior design and decoration, full or partial reform of offices and restyling of your establishment. All this with the guarantee and care for the detail that characterizes us.

We have professionals with many years of experience in the business and construction field. This combination allows us to respond to all the needs of our customers, to which we offer the turnkey service, taking care of the entire process without losing sight of the main objective of any business: maximize profits through the implementation of effective systems, product location, emotional marketing, colour psychology (etc.) and reduce expenses (energy savings, use of space and materials, organized storage, and much more).

To achieve this goal, our commercial interior design projects are always governed by the following points:

Attraction: The interior design project must be aligned with the product sold, and capable of attracting the customer’s attention, always taking into account the investment on the part of the entrepreneur, it is necessary to be able to find the balance between the investment and the economic return.

Differentiation: Trends are temporary. They work in the short term but in the medium term require another investment on the part of the entrepreneur to maintain the volume of business and often contradict the basic principles of profitability. We must differentiate ourselves from the rest, differentiation is one of the keys for the success of a business.

Profitability: Before beginning to define the commercial interior design project, it is necessary to analyse carefully all the factors that characterise the business. Study the business and communication plan, analyse the location and competition in the sector, have clear corporate image and branding. Only when we have analysed all these factors can we start with the development of the interior architecture of our commercial premises.

Communication: The design of a commercial space is a fundamental part of the marketing and advertising of your business. You have to know how to use interior design and decoration to attract customers and get to sell more, at a better price and in greater quantity.

In our architecture and interior design studio in Barcelona, we are ready to help and guide you throughout the process of creating your business.

Our advice is not based solely on the interior design and decoration of your establishment. We also take care of processing all the necessary permits and licenses not only for what the reform work respects, but we also process all the documentation and certifications necessary to open the business.

We also have advice from city planners, marketing and advertising experts and professionals in various fields who are dedicated to analysing each case carefully, studying the type of activity, the location, the public and all those factors that must be borne in mind in order to open a new successful business.

Would you like to know more about our commercial interior design services? Contact us. We will be glad to help you.

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