The minimalist decoration is part of the modern and contemporary style, and reflects in part the personality of the inhabitants of the house. It is typical of those people who love order and geometric rigor. Elegance is synonymous of sobriety and every excess should be eliminated.

The minimalist interior design evokes the purity of the essential in colours, shapes and using very few pieces. Any type of decoration is eliminated, because the most important thing in the minimal style is the space that has to be able to give the sensation of freedom of movement and observation and light should be a fundamental element in this conception. The furniture is extremely practical and functional, it is reduced to a minimum and the decoration objects are practically non-existent, the order must be rigorous. Minimalist houses are practical for managing and living.

Elements of interior design in minimal style

The materials used are innovative, unusual and original (plastic, glass, stone or marbles and new generation hybrid materials such as Corian or Silestone). The shapes are simple and linear, rigidly geometric without any curves or decorations. Neutral and sober colours, from time to time you can find a special piece with bright colour that creates a chromatic contrast. Multi-functional and space-saving furniture. The integration with the technological and automated systems are present and used systematically. The decoration is practically absent, each exposed object will have to have a precise function or it will have to be eliminated.

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