Interior design projects in the Eixample district of Barcelona

Apartment Renovation in the Eixample, Barcelona

This apartment located on Diputación Street in the Eixample of Barcelona has a surface area of 75m2. The owners are a young couple with a daughter and needed a 3-bedroom apartment. One suite-type bedroom with a dressing room, a bedroom for the little girl, and another room to serve as both a study and a guest room.

The apartment was very old, in its original state, with hardly any changes made since its construction almost a century ago. The apartment needed a complete renovation, but the idea was to preserve original elements of the dwelling as much as possible, so it wouldn’t lose its original style.

What changes were made?

Significant changes were made to the layout; the living room was expanded by incorporating the existing lateral room, resulting in a spacious living room with an open kitchen featuring a central island. The kitchen furniture was distributed along the entire wall to provide ample storage space up to the ceiling. A lacquered gray niche was opened in the white modular wall, contrasting with the rest of the wall where the sink and workspace were placed. All electrical appliances are integrated to maintain visual continuity with the wall. All handles are hidden except for a continuous handle line that shows the interior wood of the high-density laminated phenolic material of the doors. White laminated material was chosen over birch phenolic board, leaving the wood visible on all edges of the doors and drawer fronts. On the other side, an island was installed housing the cooking area complemented by a large decorative hood. From the hallway and the living room perspective, this element appears as a large veined marble block, where the veins extend in all directions. The countertops are made of Neolith. Internally, an oven, microwave, and a series of handle-less drawers with “push” opening were installed to keep the lines as clean as possible.

A round glass table was placed in front of the four windows, serving as a dining area, and in the opposite corner, a large block was built to house a corner gas fireplace.

The ceilings of the living room were demolished to reveal a Catalan vault of exposed brick with iron beams. The original structure was preserved, combining with a white block above the kitchen island area.

The floors are the original hydraulic tiles, restored, cleaned, and polished. In the living room, they were combined with solid parquet islands from the Junckers brand, the same set of materials and textures was used for the hallway.

In the entrance hall and throughout the hallway, the original walls were uncovered. Beneath several layers of wallpaper, after almost a century, the original colors emerged with countless shades of yellow, green, brown, and blue. The passage of time is reflected in these layers of paint from many years ago, indecipherable handwritten texts, scratches, and marks on these walls from the former tenants of this home were left exposed as if they were paintings drawn by the years, combined with white areas to further enhance these beautiful canvases.

The old kitchen, located to one side of the hallway, was transformed into a bathroom and dressing room with direct access to the master bedroom. The kitchen door was closed with frosted laminated glass to bring light into the hallway and privacy to the interior of the bathroom. A new direct access to the master bedroom was opened from the dressing room.

The floors of both bathrooms are made of white Macael marble laid in a diamond pattern, the walls of the master bathroom are made of the same material but in a smaller and rectangular format, while the guest bathroom has small white tiles laid in a staggered pattern.

White resin shower trays, glass screens with sliding doors, and countertop sinks with varnished oak tops complete the bathrooms. In the guest bathroom, the old kitchen sink was recovered, polished, and polished, and placed as a sink in the new bathroom completed by Grohe wall-mounted faucets.

The original doors and windows were preserved, all carpentry was restored, and repainted white.

All installations were done from scratch, and the apartment was equipped with ducted air conditioning, so the entire apartment can be heated or cooled quickly and evenly in all rooms.

Duration of the complete renovation

The project took approximately four months, from the preliminary stages of the project to the completion and delivery of the keys to the clients, including the entire process of material selection and execution of the work.

In Estudio Romanelli, we specialize in full renovation projects like this one, fully managed from design to execution, meticulously studying all installations, lighting, custom furniture design, carpentry, and special finishes, all with the utmost professionalism that characterizes us.

Full renovation plan Eixample Barcelona