Junckers parquets are unique solid wood floors and there are no two equal floors. When we enter a room the floor is the first thing that attracts our attention and defines the atmosphere of the room, determining the bases for the decoration of the rest of the elements of the project. The parquet is the first piece of furniture in a room.

Junckers is a company located in Denmark and is one of the major brands in the wood flooring sector in Europe and worldwide, as well as being the largest manufacturer of solid wood floors. The main objective of the company is to produce high quality materials based on the experience accumulated over almost 100 years of work and through close collaboration with architects, interior designers, builders and professionals in the construction field. Junckers is a leading company in the manufacture and supply of solid platforms specially designed for architecture, interior design and sports facilities projects.

Junckers parquets are produced in a multitude of designs and types of wood, also choosing these solid parquet boards the end customer will enjoy a high quality floor, timeless, functional and designed to resist wear and to last over the years.

Junckers offers a wide selection of woods, from wood in golden tones such as Fresno to other more exclusive and exotic woods like Jatoba or Merbau. All Junckers floors are completely natural, warm and have their own identity.

All Junckers parquets are practical to care for and have a very easy maintenance. The brand offers its own cleansers as well as varnishes, oil and all kinds of accessories. Following the cleaning and maintenance instructions, the solid floor will last a lifetime.

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