The modern decoration uses synthetic and technological materials and is characterized by pure, clean and simple lines. We should always use neutral colours and never extravagant ones.

The style of modern interior design is quite personal and versatile, there are no fixed guidelines to follow, within what we call modern style we can find classical, contemporary, minimalist, vintage, rustic, eclectic and northern variants, among others.

Elements of interior design in modern style

LED or neon lights that create soft contrasts especially for the bedroom area. You can also use strong colours in certain areas and more elaborate touches, for example yellow or red. These colours can enhance the modern design and avoid turning it into a too cold and naked style. You can place reused or rustic furniture as well as typical pieces of design.

You have to work very well the light of the environments, to be able to get bright spaces and natural light. You can place industrial furniture, floor or ceiling lamps in metal, desks and cabinets in vintage style, all this according to the personal tastes of the client. Floor lamps can be used to create large and high environments and stacked boxes can serve as shelves and solve space problems. Modular furniture can be used in different configurations and help make it more flexible.

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