Interiorismo Residencial

In Estudio Romanelli we design and decorate residential spaces. We take care of the complete process, we design the distribution of the house with particular attention to the demands of each client.

We develop ideas and concepts based on the client’s own style choosing the materials and furniture that best suits each project. We have specialized technicians in the processing of all the necessary documentation, we hire the professionals of each sector and we supply all the materials, furniture and decorative objects, that is, we take care of all the reform or rehabilitation of a home from the beginning to the delivery of the keys. We offer customized solutions, adapted to any need.

Carrying out a successful interior design project is not an easy task, so you have to entrust the project and the reform to a company that not only knows how to design cosy and comfortable spaces, but can also manage the whole process in an organized way, and above all that works with the best professionals.

When we decide to undertake the reform of our home, we need professionals to guide us through the entire construction process, from the initial ideas to the end of the work. When we are going to carry out the rehabilitation of a house it is of vital importance to organize all the works for a correct development of the whole process. Estudio Romanelli provides advice to our customers throughout the interior design process:

Definition of needs: Our interior architecture studio dedicates the first meetings with the client to determine and define what are the objectives and style of the interior design project. It is fundamental to define the objectives from the beginning to be able to carry out the reform of a house in a successful and satisfactory way for the client, fulfilling all their expectations.

Distribution: Once the needs have been determined, we must focus our efforts on finding the distribution that best suits us and, above all, that meets all the goals defined previously.

Budget: It is important to define the project costs from the beginning. Although we consider different options we must have under control what are the costs involved in each alternative. In our interior design studio we have professionals who control all the costs of the construction process from the initial phases of the project. Good project management guarantees control over the costs and allows us to avoid overrun the budget.

Contractors: Before hiring companies and professionals who will intervene in the work of reform of a house we need to compare many budgets of companies that can offer their services. This task is very complicated for a person not expert in this sector. In Estudio Romanelli we have been working as contractors for many years and we have a large staff of professionals with whom we have carried out numerous works. In this way we can choose the most appropriate professionals for each job and the ones that will deliver within the established budget. In addition, our interior design studio is usually the only interlocutor with the client, in this way it can greatly simplify the process of hiring professionals and give immediate response to the concerns of customers.

Guarantees: For the tranquillity of the client and the neighbours, it is essential to hire a company with civil liability insurance to be able to face any breakdown or mishap that may arise during the course of the works. In Estudio Romanelli we guarantee all our work, offering our clients the best service with an incomparable quality-price ratio, in addition to the guarantee of a success in the reform of your home.

Permits: It is very important to know and process all the necessary licenses to carry out a reform or rehabilitation. There are different types of permits based on the work to be done in the house. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, all the necessary documentation must be presented to the competent authorities in order to obtain the corresponding permit. In our interior design studio in Barcelona we have architects, engineers and surveyors who are responsible for carrying out all the necessary procedures when obtaining the licenses and inherent permits.

Participation: In our interior design studio we take care of the complete process from the initial ideas to the delivery of keys. We develop the project concepts and designs and take care of the processing of the inherent permits. We are carry out all the aspects of the work with outstanding project management. We are contractors and we have all the industrial and professional necessary to carry out with success and satisfaction the reform and decoration of your home.

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View of the bathroom - Renovation carried out by Estudio Romanelli