In Estudio Romanelli we believe that a good interior design project requires a good método de trabajobased on a strict organization and planning that is developed from the first contact with the client until the delivery of the finished work.

In order to carry out the complete development of the project in the correct way and avoid unforeseen events, losses of time and cost overruns, it is necessary to start with a thorough analysis of all the elements of a project.

The bases of a project are usually the human factor mixed with the place. According to this, the first step is to analyse the needs and tastes of the client or users, that is, who will live in the house or work in an office or a store. You have to differentiate between a residential project or a commercial project because although the development of the project is similar, the needs are completely different.

After the analysis phase, we proceed to the most creative part of a project, we must transform ideas and concepts into concrete proposals. Our team of architects, interior designers and decorators usually work different solutions that adapt to the needs and style of the user, giving then the correspondent budgets for each case. All this process evolves under a close relationship with the client. There is also the possibility of processing the entire project with the option “keys in hand” where the client can be completely unconcerned and simply start to live once the work is finished..

Once the most appropriate solution has been determined together with its correspondent budget, the drawings and plansthat will serve for the development of the project will be prepared.

Meanwhile we will be planning all the jobs, times and organize the hiring of personnel and supplies. It is very important to plan all these tasks from the beginning to avoid waste of time that would delay the delivery of the work.

Depending on the type of work and the needs of each case will have to process the necessary documentation to obtain work permits, our architects will be responsible for dealing with them as quickly as possible to start work without delays.

Once the works have begun, our studio is in charge of carrying out a meticulous follow-up and control of the constructive processes. This phase is fundamental for the correct execution of the project since an adequate follow-up of all the activities allows to avoid deviations in the delivery times and to control the costs.

Over the years we have refined our method of work and believe that a fundamental part of the whole process is project management since it has the purpose of planning all the constructive development and all the activities that make up this complex procedure.

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