The rustic style is a type of decoration in which the presence of wood and elements that evoke nature and flowers is very important. The rustic style is typical of the country houses but there is also a rustic Mediterranean style typical of the island of Ibiza or a Scandinavian/Nordic type. Characterized by antique wooden furniture and aged by the passage of time.

You can use decorative elements such as tin vases, dried flowers, restored furniture and especially antique furniture. This type of decoration is very cosy, romantic and relaxed.

Elements of interior design in rustic style

This style is typical of warm places, to be able to enjoy terraces and outdoor areas although it can fit in colder environments. The colours are warm and neutral and can be beige, sand and earth tones. These colours are applied to walls, floors, furniture with decorative elements in green and red to create a contrast.

The materials used are those that we can find in nature. Wood, ceramic or clay floors are used. It is important to use textured and rustic materials. Fireplaces are very common elements in rustic decoration. The windows frames should be made out of wood and the decorative elements should be clay and stone pieces. Wooden and handcrafted pieces should be used for the furniture.

In this type of decoration, the worn style and pickling details can be incorporated. The furniture is usually rustic and heavy. The dining table is a very important piece, it has to be very wide, heavy and with old and antique details. Materials such as rattan palm and wicker are also used. You cannot miss elements such as plants and dried flowers and fruits. Large centrepieces are used in the tables. You have to use comfortable blankets and pillows for sofas to give a cosy and comfortable look. Use curtains and typical carpets and paintings with images of countryside, nature or bucolic life. Lighting of the space in yellowish tones. Handmade decorative elements, made of clay, stone and other rustic and natural materials.

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