The contemporary decoration is part of the modern style, characterized by clean lines and light colours with furniture of the last decades or of Nordic type. They also use pieces in wood and stone-like materials or marbles.

This type of decoration adapts perfectly to the lifestyle of nowadays, being characterized by functional, versatile and modern elements. Its main characteristic is to be aware of all the innovative technologies that influence modern life, changing our routines and habits. Summing up, the concepts of a modern decoration are: simplicity, comfort and design.

Elements of interior design in contemporary style

The materials that best represent this style are glossy or matt lacquered surfaces, silk-screened surfaces, tiles with flat tones or microcement will be used for the floors. All materials used will be easy to maintain and clean to adapt to the frenetic modern times.

The lines of the furniture will be simple and any type of decoration will be eliminated. You have to look for the simplicity of the details to create elegant spaces and the design furniture will be a fundamental part of the decoration.

The use of technology is important, we must use the latest generation elements such as home automation and the same elements must have an attractive and modern design. The spaces have to be functional and the lighting is key in the interior design, the lamps usually have white light and the decorative elements are design pieces with clear colours.

The colour palette of the spaces includes clear colours and white, being this two the most common. You can use combinations of white with brown or grey tones. You can also apply touches of black. The textiles that are used for a contemporary style are sober with smooth shades of colour. You have to avoid very ornate prints or with many flourishes. The spaces have to give the feeling of spaciousness and have to be functional.

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