Estudio de interiorismo en Barcelona Estudio Romanelli


Estudio Romanelli is an interior design studio located in the neighbourhood of Sant Gervasi in Barcelona, dedicated to architecture, interior design and decoration.

We are a solid team of professionals complemented by external collaborators and expert technicians, who take care of developing all kinds of projects, reforms and renovations.

Our strength is the interior design and full management of projects, that is, we control all the processes of the work, from the initial idea, through the development to the execution of the work. We offer our clients all the necessary services to carry out the complete process, we study each case in a different way and we adapt to the needs and possibilities of each client.

We are able to respond to the most demanding needs, we always give the best of us to get the best service and face the doubts and concerns that each case poses.

If you are interested in knowing the price of your reform, press the button to request a budget, you will only have to fill out a form and we will contact you and arrange a visit to meet your needs.

We take care of the reform of your home, office or commercial premises. In all work processes we fully guarantee customer satisfaction and a high quality standard.

Our vocation and passion for our profession, leads us to investigate the latest developments and trends, to offer our customers innovative and contemporary solutions, we develop optimal projects and adjusted to their requirements.

Estudio Romanelli is run by the architect and interior designer Daniele Romanelli. If you want to know the professional backgroud, you can find your curriculum vitae on the next page of our site.