The classic style is characterized by the taste of the past and refined and elegant furniture. The materials have to be of high quality, using hardwoods and noble woods. Reference is made to ancient times and past styles such as Liberty, Victorian or Baroque.

This style does not have to be a luxury style. If you know how to choose pieces of furniture with a certain taste we can get a classic decoration without raising costs but always maintaining a certain quality in the materials. You can furnish a house in classical style based on antiquarian pieces, but if we want to reduce costs, we can choose new production decoration elements, created on the basis of past styles and made with similar techniques. The functionality of the pieces is very important as well as the taste and aesthetics of the environments as a whole.

Elements of interior design in classical style

The spaces have to be refined, elegant, warm and familiar. Neutral colours and natural materials. The walls will have to be painted with clear and sober tones. The floors will be made of ceramic, marble or solid wood floors depending on the rooms and budget.

As for the furniture and decorative objects, you have to choose solid woods, wrought iron, marble, granite and glass. The furniture will have a retro style preferably handmade, the decorative elements will be traditional and modern reproductions of old pieces should be avoided. Wallpaper with floral or abstract motifs could be used as an element of decoration. You can add decorative stucco paintings, bas-reliefs and mouldings on ceilings and walls. Velvet type curtains and heavy fabrics are preferable.

You have to choose colours with a certain taste and it is essential to combine them with the decorative objects that will be used. You have to be inspired by the history of painting, in the old villas or historic palaces. The latter will be of inspiration for decorating ideas. It is important the use of combined colour and the light of the environments. When choosing the decorative objects we will base our decisions on the personal taste of each client.

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