The eclectic decor showcases the personality of the people who live in the house. This style is not based on clear guidelines, furniture and decoration objects have a varied origin and combine elements of different eras in the same environment.

We must pay attention to the decoration, because it cannot be a mixture placed without criteria and disorganized. It is important to choose pieces of furniture and decoration that complement each other even if they are of different styles. The eclectic style creates a personalized version of what the inhabitant considers his own style. It is a difficult style to achieve given that it is necessary to avoid the sensation that elements have been placed randomly, the combinations have to be calculated meticulously within a specific pattern.

Elements of interior design in eclectic style

The environments have to be harmonic and the lines should be clean and simple. The use of upholstery, textures and patterns is important. The colours can create a certain contrast.

If metal, wood or plastic elements are used, these same materials should be combined with decorative objects and finishes in the same space. Textiles like curtains, carpets and fabrics will have to mix different textures and patterns. In eclectic decoration is fundamental is the use of colour, the colour palette has to be very well defined from the beginning, since it has to be the unifying element of all spaces and will make all environments combine perfectly even if we have chosen pieces of different styles and times.

If you want a style of decoration that differentiates your home from others, this is a perfect style to achieve it.

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