In Estudio Romanelli we are aware that a good project (whether of architecture, interior design or decoration) needs a good planning so that the final result is the desired one. Project management is of vital importance and has the main purpose of organizing the entire construction process and all the activities that make up this development.

Our team of professionals manages the entire process, from the first visit with the client where we began to capture the main ideas of the project and the cost estimate, until the delivery and completion of the work. We accompany our clients in every stage of an architecture or interior design project:

Analysis: During this stage, our objective is summarized in estimating the work to be done and planning the activities of this process, identifying the main elements that influence this process and calculating the work to be done. Also, in this phase the tasks are scheduled and the delivery times are established. In Estudio Romanelli we have extensive experience acquired over many years and projects that allows us to organize the tasks of the entire project and calculate possible extra costs in advance, thus avoiding uncomfortable surprises for the client.

Design: In this phase, all the ideas to be developed are defined togheter with the client and the Estudio Romanelli team with its interior designers, architects and decorators will give several options based on the needs of each client. Once the client gives us his approval, we proceed to prepare all the plans and designs necessary to the correct progress of the project together with a detailed budget and a time schedule.

Planning: The goal of planning is to organize and define the work to be executed, establishing resources, times and costs, in order to carry out correctly the entire project. This task is useful for programming the project, planning in time the works, the tasks and assigning the necessary resources to each activity. This detailed planning allows to specify with precision the total amount of the project costs.

Monitoring and control: The monitoring and control of activities is one of the most important processes of the entire development of the project, and without a doubt one of our priorities. In order to guarantee a correct follow-up of the project, our site manager will devote all the necessary time to monitor the correct progress of all the processes. If any possible setback is detected, the cause is quickly analysed and intervened to restore the correct delivery time.

In Estudio Romanelli we are very meticulous in following the development of each phase and we pay particular attention to the construction process and to the construction management, as the latter guarantees that the finishes and details are executed in a correct and precise manner, always with the best quality.

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