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The word home automation means robotic house or smart home and is an interdisciplinary science that deals with the study of technologies suitable to improve the quality of life of the inhabitant of a house, office or a building in general. Home automation requires the interaction of several technologies and professions among which: architecture, electronics, and IT, in addition to complementing interior design or decoration projects.

Home automation aims to improve the quality of life, as well as the security of the home, while reducing management costs, which translates into energy savings.

Through the installation of a home automation system in a domestic environment it allows us to control the technological systems and program them to act and operate in a partially autonomous way according to the needs of each user. In addition, the same user can program and change system parameters as needed.

On a larger scale we can speak of “building automation” or automation of buildings that thanks to new technologies allows us the coordinated, integral and computerized management of facilities such as air conditioning, water distribution, gas, electricity, safety protocols, computer networks and telecommunications networks always in order to improve the management, comfort, quality of life and the work of the user.

The home automation system is usually completed with one or more alerts with the outside world such as SMS, pre-registered phone messages or e-mail to allow control and display of the status of the system remotely.

In Estudio Romanelli we are experts in the installation of home automation equipment for homes, shops and buildings. We offer comprehensive advice on the latest developments in the sector, and studying the needs of each case we offer the most suitable solution to each project, adjusting the budget to the demands of each client.

Estudio Romanelli offers home automation services in the following areas:

– Programming and energy saving (air conditioning and boilers, appliance management, control of awnings and blinds, management of the electrical installation, renewable energies)

– Comfort (lighting automation, control of functions through internet, incorporation of telephone and intercom on the television, voicemail and fax, multimedia management, automation of household appliances and remote control)

– Security (intrusion alarms, simulation of presence, closing of blinds, fire alarms, gas and water leaks, medical alert and tele-assistance, control by cameras)

– Communications (tele-assistance, maintenance, consumption report, video-intercoms, remote control from the internet, wireless controls, intercommunications)

– Accessibility (eases the autonomy of people with limited abilities or disabilities)

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